Lemongrass Books


Lemongrass Books is newly founded in 2020 to publish online and in print for general, international readership. Our aim is to produce high quality, ground-breaking works, particularly with Southeast Asian and historical interest. We believe in an entertaining read, with engaging fiction or non-fiction. Our standards aim high, prioritising quality of books and their content over our profit. In academic writing, we aim to combine high standards of thinking with readability. We are keen to support original, independent scholarship and fiction.


Lemongrass grows quickly in South East Asia, producing a flavour which is delightful and unexpected. We chose Lemongrass as the emblem of our publishers to represent the growth and delights of knowledge from reading.

Lemongrass Books is a boutique publisher of low cost, high quality volumes for general readers. We have a growing portfolio of fiction and non-fiction works.

Our printing and distributing network covers Europe, North America, and South East Asia.