Visitors Feedback

Full Gospel Association Thailand 15.9.65/22

‘Thank you!’

‘Enjoyed my visit very much!’ (Visitor, Philippines)

‘I’m so blessed to see these things’

‘You’re a living legend!’ (Visitor, Philippines)

‘Everything joyful’ (Visitor, Laos)

‘A hidden gem in Kalasin’

‘You are blessing our generation. God bless you more!’ (Visitor, Philipines)

School children

‘Beautiful stained glass’

 ‘Very beautiful pictures’ – an 8 year-old dyslexic girl, with school refusal, eager to see more

 ‘Oh, really lovely’ (on an Edwardian Liberty interior design watercolour)

 ‘I have never seen a globe before’

 ‘I like that the best’ (on a walnut gothic secretaire)

 ‘I want to come again’ – He did, with four friends, knocking when we were shut! We obliged.


 ‘Like it’

 ‘This is the best’ – a 9 year old photographing a chromolithograph of Rouen Cathedral, by Prout, on his i-phone, whilst learning to pronounce ‘Gothic style’


‘Thankyou – very kind of you to let us in’

 ‘Very, very good’

 ‘Best to tell all the other schools to visit’

 ‘Really beautiful’

 ‘How come you teach so very well?’

University lecturers

‘Very nice and very interesting’

 ‘Brilliant gothic furniture’

 ‘Gorgeous pictures’


 ‘This will be really good for University students’

Local visitors

‘Very good and very interesting.’

‘I would like to come back’

‘Beautifully done’

‘I am absolutely bowled over’

‘Superb and really beautiful’

‘Very beautiful for Baan Dong Bang’

‘Very beautifully picturesque’

‘It’s Baan Dong Bang. I just don’t know what to say’

Venerable Abbot Luang Por Kiao

‘I am very pleased that you made this place’

‘It is very interesting’

‘It is really, really good’

‘The old furniture is great’

Royal Monks Delegation

‘This is very impressive and very good for Isaan’

‘We like it a lot’